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Welcome to Phoenix Theatre Company

Join Us On Stage

We are an inclusive drama group where we give all people a chance to showcase their love for the Arts. Our stage is open to everyone who is passionate about theatre and drama. Feel free to explore our site, get to know us, and join our vibrant community to express yourself through the magic of theatre. Let's create unforgettable moments together!

What We Do 

In session we Sing and Dance and learn our shows, we are all about fun while we work. If you wish to sing only we are happy to accommodate this, if you only wish to dance we can also accommodate this but if you wish to give both ago then please do. We love it if you have a passion and want to join in.  

Our Shows

Our shows are known as 'Variety Shows' where our coordinator/owner designs our shows with a lot of variety and normally with a theme. Everyone gets their time to shine and we also work as a big Family. 

Meet Our Team

Our team is a diverse and talented group of individuals who are dedicated to nurturing creativity and empowering performers. We believe in the transformative power of drama and are committed to creating a supportive environment for all members. Get to know the passionate individuals who make our productions come to life.

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